What's Included?

Clean living room


  • Vacuum floors
  • Dust baseboards
  • Wash floors
  • Empty trash
  • Dust radiators
  • Clean light switches
  • Clean windowsills
Clean kitchen


  • Clean and polish appliances (outside)
  • Clean microwave (inside + outside)
  • Clean table tops
  • Clean counters
  • Clean and polish sink
  • Clean stains and fingerprints
Clean bathroom


  • Clean and scrub toilet
  • Clean and scrub bath and shower
  • Clean and polish mirrors
  • Clean and scrub the sink and faucet
  • Clean the counters
  • Clean towel rails
  • Dust vents
Clean bedroom


  • Make beds
  • Dust surfaces
  • Dust fans
  • Dust light fixtures
Clean kitchen


  • Clean inside fridge
  • Clean inside kitchen cabinets
  • Clean inside windows

Some services
that are not included

The property must be in a normal state

The Ecovista System calculates the time and cost of a house cleaning by assuming that the house is maintained frequently. If this is not the case, the time required to carry out a quality cleaning can increase considerably. For this reason, it is important that you properly assess the condition of your home. If you would like a thorough cleaning for the first time, it is possible to contact us by email or phone to make a request.

Outside your home

Housekeeping services do not include any tasks outside your home. These services are offered separately.

Surfaces that are too crowded

In order for our professionals to do a great job, we ask our customers to declutter surfaces such as counter tops before our arrival.  Otherwise, the worker will not be required to clean these sections.


The interiors and exterior of both washers and dryers are not included in a regular housekeeping service.


Each aquarium is unique and must be maintained in its own way with adequate expertise. For this reason we leave the care of these to the owners.

Unsanitary conditions

Ecovista professionals do not clean feces, urine or any other unsanitary matters. The company reserves the right to refuse to provide service following the inspection of the premises if the conditions are unsafe or unsanitary. Because the customer agrees to these conditions when booking a service, a cancelation fee can be charged if the aforementioned situation occurs.


It is possible that a worker may need access to the kitchen sink to fill his bucket with water, for example. For this reason, we ask that you keep it unobstructed before your cleaning professional arrives. Dishwashing is also not included in a regular housekeeping service. If this is something that you are interested in, we invite you to contact us by phone or by email to make the request.

Places out of reach

In order to remain safe, Ecovista professionals have equipment that allows them to clean at a height without having to climb a stepladder or ladder. However, it is possible that some places may still be out of reach. For safety reasons, a worker may refuse to clean certain areas if they feel that this could endanger them.

Any other questions regarding our services?


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