Terms of Use

1.0 The terms ‘’We’’ and Ecovista’’ will be used in this document. Those terms designate Ecovista Services Inc.

1.1 We offer a satisfaction guarantee on all our services. If you are not satisfied, we will come back to finish the job at no extra cost. To benefit from this guarantee, you must contact Ecovista within 24 hours of the service received.

1.2 Fire/Security Alarms: Ecovista is not responsible for any costs associated with triggering alarms.

1.3 Cancellations: A fee up to $50 may be charged for any cancellation made within a window of less than 48 hours before the service date. You will receive a reminder by email 72 hours as well as 24 hours before the service.

1.4 Non-compete clause: During a period of one year following the last service received, a customer can not offer or hire an Ecovista Professional outside of the platform if it is for a job that is offered by the company unless Ecovista has given its written consent.

1.5 Fixed price: The price of our service is given on the assumption that your home is in a normal state. We reserve the right to charge you an additional fee or charge you by the hour ($35/pro/hour) if we believe that our service cannot be provided within a reasonable time. The price includes the cost of labour, equipment, and products necessary to perform the tasks detailed in the ''To-do list''.

1.6 All Ecovista cleaning professionals have the right to refuse to deliver a service if they have reasons to believe that the property is dangerous or unreachable. The customer may be charged up to $50 for late cancelation.

1.7 Equipment: The customer agrees to provide garbage bags and a functional vacuum cleaner in good condition.

1.8 Animals: Ecovista will do its best to ensure that all pets stay indoors. However, we are not responsible if they manage to escape. It is the customer's responsibility to cage or place in a closed room any animal that may exhibit aggressive behaviour or behaviour that in any way prevents the work of the professionals. Ecovista does not clean human or animal excrement. We do not clean the litter boxes.

1.9 Allergies: If you are allergic to any cleaning products, please let us know before your service and we will take the necessary measures for your well-being.

2.0 Cleaning equipment provided by the customer: To avoid cross- contamination, as well as to facilitate traveling, we ask the customer to provide a functional vacuum cleaner, garbage bags, and a bucket. However, if your vacuum cleaner is not functional, we can see with you the possibility of providing a temporary solution. Please let us know if you would like us to use some of your specific tools and equipment to clean your home.

2.1 Solicitation: Ecovista invests a significant amount of resources to build its customer base. Ecovista customers agree not to solicit any services from the cleaning pofessionnals outside of the company's platform for a period of twelve (12) months after the services have ceased. A $500 fee, payable immediately, will be charged to customers who violate it.

2.2 Residence: To allow us to provide an impeccable service, our customers are required to free up the floors, counters, cupboards, etc. that will be cleaned otherwise, we reserve the right to leave certain parts of the home as such.

2.3 The customer undertakes to provide accurate information as to the size of his home, the number of bedrooms and the number of bathrooms. An hourly rate can be charged if the home is in abnormal conditions (no thorough cleaning regularly).

2.4 Time: We try as much as possible to arrive within the scheduled time frame. However, some problems may occur, and we cannot guarantee the exact arrival time.

2.5 The customer declares that he has civil liability insurance coverage relating to his home;

2.6 All our prices are subject to applicable sales taxes.


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